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2014 Honda Ridgeline Car Review Profile

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Unlike any trucks out there, the 2014 Honda Ridgeline gives you the the cargo space of a truck and sharp handling of a sedan thanks to its fully independent suspension and lighter structure. Check out what the critics are saying about the beautiful 2014 Honda Ridgeline!

"Unlike all other trucks, the 2014 Ridgeline is build with unit-construction and fully independent suspension, and it pays huge dividends in ride and handling, which is much more like a car than a truck. The ride is smooth and comfortable and soaks up big and little bumps, the handling is rock-steady on the highway and responsive around corners." - Kelly Blue Book [Full Review here]

"The Honda Ridgeline is in a class of its own - it is the only truck in the full-size segment to use a closed-box frame and uni-body construction. It utilizes independent front and rear suspension, but features a relatively short bed and a car-like driving experience." - AutoGuide [Full Review here]

"The Ridgeline gives you a much more manageable footprint. And while you still enjoy a high-set seating position and admirable ground clearance, the Ridgeline's fully independent suspension and lighter, car-based structure make it more nimble than most conventional pickups." - [Full Review here]

"When it comes to functionality, the Ridgeline was so innovative out of the gate, some of the competition is only now catching up. The Ridgeline tailgate, for instance, swings to the left like a door, but also drops conventionally, and four lights built into the bed can be illuminated for loading in the dark..." - [Full Review here]

Don't miss out on one of the unique trucks on the road today! Swing by Kingsway Honda - 368 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3J6 to book a test drive today or contact us at 604.873.3676!