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Collision Repairs | ICBC Claims

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. We understand it can be difficult to deal with a collision and want to make the process for restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition easy and straightforward. You made no compromise on quality when you bought your Honda, why compromise on repair? Entrust your vehicle's repair work to the quality Honda dealer that you know.

Just call our ICBC CLAIMS LINE (604) 879 5239 and we will be happy to help you!

Why should you insist on a Honda quality repair through Kingsway Honda?

Customer Service - Our staff are committed to taking care of YOU and your vehicle.

Factory-trained Technicians - We have the necessary knowledge, training and re-construction techniques to restore your vehicle to Honda's high quality standards.

Repair Facility - We house advanced equipment in a clean and orderly facility; with trained technicians well-versed on manufacturing specifications and a thorough understanding of how your Honda is built.

Honda Genuine Parts - We have genuine OEM parts that adhere to the highest standards of quality, durability and performance, designed to fit your vehicle's exact specifications.

Follow these steps if you are ever in an accident:

    • Stop your vehicle if it is clear, safe and legal.
    • Move the vehicle out of the travelled roadway, if it is clear, safe and legal.
    • Turn off the ignitions of the cars involved.
    • Make a first aid check of all persons involved in the accident.
    • Call the police and, if necessary, emergency medical services.
    • Mark the scene of the accident with flares or retro reflective triangles.
    • Gather the names of all persons in the motor vehicles and people who witnessed the accident.
    • Document the vehicles' direction of travel, traffic patterns, date, time and weather conditions.
    • Ask to see the other driver's license and write down the number.
    • Exchange insurance company information. DO NOT discuss "fault" or make statements about the accident to anyone but the police.
    • Get a copy of the police report of the accident.

ICBC CLAIMS LINE: (604) 879-5239

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