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2020 Car Care Tips - COVID 19

If you want to get back on the road when it is safe to do so,  follow these car care tips we put together for you.

Has your car been sitting idle for a while since you started working from home and limiting travels?  Not driving your car does not mean you are in the all-clear when it comes to maintenance.  Your car is designed to be driven, and parking it for extended periods can lead to a few costly and inconvenient problems.

Battery - Start Your Car

Woman starting car. Close up of female hand starting car with key

Check your car's battery by starting it weekly. Car batteries tend to discharge over time and will lose their ability to start the engine. Driving your car is an effective way to recharge a battery and going around your block a few times weekly will do the trick.

If you cannot drive your car regularly, consider investing in a battery trickle charger. It keeps a vehicle's battery charged and it draws power from a standard wall socket.

Tires - Drive Your Car

Leaving tires in the same position for a long time can lead to flat spots developing as the weight of the car pushes on the same spots continuously.

Drive your car for 20 minutes a week to help prevent flat spots and ensure your tires are always at the manufacturer's recommended pressure. If you haven’t swapped out your winter tires yet or need to a new set of tires, drop by and experience our contactless service. You can also check out the latest rebates on tires here.

Paint - Keep It Clean

Dust, bird droppings, tree sap, and general exposure to the elements can ruin your vehicle’s paint job when left unattended.

Take the time to wash your car and use a weatherproof car cover if you don’t have covered parking. You could also bring your car in for a professional detailing which will leave it spotless both inside and out.

Interior - Inspect For Pests

Rodents might be treating your car as their new home if it's been sitting idle for a while.

Check for pests and look for any signs that belts or wires may have been chewed on under your hood. Also, watch out for stowaways in your engine bay and wheel wells. Lastly, clean up any food scraps and garbage to prevent unpleasant odor from developing.

Internals - Monitor Fuel And Fluids

A full tank of fuel will prevent condensation from developing and also mitigate dangerous gasoline fumes from building up. If your car will be parked for a longer time, using a fuel stabilizer could extend the life of your gas and reduce its degradation.

Driving your car for 20 minutes weekly will ensure all the fluids get flowing while also lubricating all the intricate moving parts of your car.

If you have questions about any of these tips or general car maintenance, you can always reach out to our service department at 604.874.6632.