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What Do the Warning Lights Mean?

Cabin Interior

Do you ever wonder what those lights on your dashboard means when it illuminates? Here's a list of what you should do if any of the lights illuminate while you're driving!

Battery Warning Light

It indicates the voltage level is abnormal and the vehicle's charging system is not functioning properly. Check battery terminals, alternator belt and battery condition.

Coolant Temperature Warning

Engine's temperature has exceeded normal limits. Coolant levels, fan operation, radiator cap and coolant leaks should be checked right away.

Oil Pressure Warning

Car's oil temperature is too high, the level is too low, or the oil pressure is too low. All these conditions could cause severe damage to your vehicle's engine so attend to this situation immediately.

ABS Warning Light

It indicates there is an issue with the ABS (anti-braking system). This will not result in losing your braking functionality immediately, but it may require professional attention to resolve the issue. Note: it is normal for the icon to illuminate momentarily during ignition.

Check Engine

The vehicle has detected an issue with the engine management system, which normally indicates an emission or operational problem. Your vehicle needs immediate professional attention.

Traction Control/ESP

The vehicle's traction control / anti-skid or electronic stability program (ESP) has engaged, usually indicating that the road is slippery.

Transmission Temperature

Transmission is operating at a higher temperature than recommended. Check transmission fluid and engine coolant levels.

Service Vehicle Soon

This light usually indicates an electrical problem related to the Body Control Module (BCM). There may be a traction control problem or a communication issue between modules. Check all lights: headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and/or hazard lights.

Lamp Out

There is an exterior light on the vehicle that is not working properly.

ESP Fault

This light indicates that there is a problem with the vehicle's traction control and/or anti-skid or electronic stability system.

Tire Pressure

At least one tire on your vehicle has low air pressure. You should check your tires and correct as soon as possible. Tip: look on the inside of the driver's side door for the standard cold tire inflation pressure. It is best to check tire pressure when the tires are cold.

Washer Fluid

Your vehicle's washer fluid level is low and it's time to refill the reservoir. Tip: do not dilute your washer fluid with water and always turn off your engine before you refill.

Have any questions about the warning lights on your dashboard? Visit us at Kingsway Honda Vancouver - 368 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3J6. Speak to one of our knowledgeable Service Advisors at 604-874.6632!