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Honda Civic 2008

First introduced in 1973, the Honda Civic proved itself to be a small, reliable, and fuel efficient car. Thirty-five years later in 2008, Canadians were faced with economic issues concerning the rising price of fuel, and the Honda Civic 2008 was ready to stand tall.

Although similar to the original, the Honda Civic 2008 isn't its predecessor, as it is much more luxurious. Once the smallest car in the Honda inventory it is now second smallest next to the Fit. The Honda Civic is consistently the best-selling car in North America.

The Honda Civic 2008 has a wide array of reasons behind it that make it the first choice among car owners. This particular vehicle comes either as a sport coupe or a sedan, which makes it suitable for young and old alike.

Safety Features

The Honda Civic 2008 is full of safety features. It comes with full-length side and front seat airbags and anti-lock brakes standard. This vehicle has received a five star government rating in protecting the front seat occupants during a frontal impact accident. When it comes to side impact accidents the vehicle received four stars for front seat occupants, and five stars for rear occupants. The vehicle also received a grade of "Good" from The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Interior Design

The Honda Civic 2008 has a different dash layout than most cars. Its analog tachometer is located in the standard positions, but then it has a speedometer and gas gauge which are digital and sit at the base of the windshield. The vehicle is a leader in the industry when it comes to interior storage space. The sedan model has approximately twelve cubic feet of trunk space, while the sportier model has approximately ten cubic feet of trunk space. The Honda Civic 2008 is a consumer's choice winner as a small, reliable car.

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