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Honda Dealers BC

Hybrid options at Honda Dealers in BC

More and more drivers are going green by choosing cars with hybrid technologies from Honda Dealers BC locations.

What is a hybrid car?

All Honda dealers BC locations offer the hybrid Insight, plus a few other models with hybrid fuel technology options. The term hybrid doesn't always mean that the car is running a combined gas and electric powered engine, such as the one found in the Insight. Honda dealers BC locations have cars that use natural gas, feature an all-electric engine and have other types of combined power technologies that all fall under the hybrid umbrella. The basic definition of what makes a car a hybrid really comes from what it is not. Hybrid cars carried at Honda dealers BC stores are not fossil fuel dependent vehicles. They may use gasoline, but only as a part of their overall power system.

Advantages of driving a hybrid

The advantage that everyone knows about hybrid technology is the great fuel economy and gas mileage these vehicles get. Most of the hybrids average 41mpg in the city but with the onboard Honda assistance technology, you can maximize your economy by getting computer help with changing how you drive. The main drag on a car's performance isn't its engine or design; it comes from the driver performance. How you drive your car will radically affect its fuel economy. With onboard assistance, you learn how to maximize your driving style to get the most from your vehicle. The other advantage to a hybrid that is rarely talked about is the safety of these vehicles. The frame designs used to support batteries and generators has a surprising effect on increasing the crash-test rating of the vehicle.

Options and more options

The latest models of the Insight have combined everything that has been learned about fuel technology, and come with interiors designed for passenger comfort foremost in mind. The base model Insight features 52 cubic inches of interior space and has split rear seats. There are options to connect to Honda's satellite navigation system and the sound and entertainment packages are of high quality. The development since the original Insight design has allowed it to grow into a viable, green alternative as a family car, commuter car, and a luxury vehicle. You won't sacrifice anything about comfort when you choose to buy an Insight and you just might be surprised by the options that come with it too.

The best way to explore if the Insight is right for you is to visit Kingsway Honda for a test drive. You will see how powerful a hybrid can be. Adding an Insight to your life can help you bring more quality, comfort, and efficiency while also being more environmentally responsible.